25 Best Dear Zindagi Quotes And Happy Status With Images

Zindagi quotes are important in explaining the importance of our life. There are different types of turns in every person’s life. How to overcome them is the same thing we understand from the zindagi quotes and Zindagi status. Time is of paramount importance in life and for that we have brought time shayari and busy life status.

Zindagi Quotes and Zindagi Status

No one knows what is going to happen in our life. Hence kismat status plays a very big role. Busy life status also becomes necessary for the runaway life. It is also necessary to have an atmosphere of laughter and happiness in life, so the employment status is sufficient to explain its importance.

Zindagi Quotes and Zindagi Status
Zindagi Quotes and Zindagi Status

Everyone thinks that it will take a lot of time to change life. But changing times can change life anytime.

Those who do not have greed for anything, do their work very responsibly.

If you have an ego and get very angry. So in life you do not need any other enemy.

Life gives a lot of experience to those who make them happy.

Always like such people in life. Whose heart is more beautiful than the face.

I am happy in my life. Because I care about my loved ones more than dreams.

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Zindagi Shayari

Zindagi shayari also plays an important role due to poetry being dominated in India. For those who want to explain the importance of life, zindagi shayari provides little facility. At the same time, we would have received Zindagi shayari and Zindagi Poetry.

Zindagi Shayari
Zindagi Shayari

It is said that everyone has a bad time. Some have to shine in it and some are scattered.

Life is such a reality. A human being becomes a memory in a moment.

It is also important to have a storm in life. This shows who holds hands and who leaves.

Play your character in life in such a way that even after the curtain falls, the applause continues.

Friends and pictures made by heart definitely enhance their colors.

To live life, visuals are needed, not eyes.

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Dear Zindagi Quotes

Everyone loves their life and dear zindagi quotes are used to express it. Those who know the importance of life, they use Love you Zindagi quotes and kismat status on social media.

Dear Zindagi Quotes
Dear Zindagi Quotes

The same people change their lives. Those whom the world does not think are capable of doing anything.

We like the same things in life which are very difficult to meet.

Living life is not so easy. A human being has to be disintegrated to cover the relationship.

Where you have to tell that you are angry. Never be angry with him.

Those who know to live happily do not complain about life.

This is also the reason for the relationship deteriorating in life. People do not even like to bow at all.

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Happy Status Quotes on Zindagi

It is necessary to have happiness not only in human beings but also in the life of every living being. We have brought happy status and quotes on zindagi for them. Through these message quotes, we want to introduce them to the truth of life.

Happy Status Quotes on Zindagi
Happy Status Quotes on Zindagi

People say that time makes everything forget. But the truth is that human nature is such that he forgets everything.

Live life in such a way that if someone does evil to you then people should not believe in it.

It is necessary to have a partner in life. Otherwise we have to write on the status of the heart.

If people do not accept their mistake in life then how will they accept anyone as their own.

If bad habits do not change in time, they change your time.

Love, respect and hard work are very small words, but when they get together, they change lives.

It is necessary to be great rather than to be life long.

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Final words :

The importance of life is can be understood through zindagi quotes. Hope you have liked our article in which we have covered Zindagi Quotes, Zindagi StatusZindagi Shayari and Happy Status.

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