Best 100 Yaari Dosti Status Quotes Shayari Images

Read Top 1000 Yaari Dosti Status And Quotes for Facebook and Whatsapp. We have best collection of friendship status and quotes for true friends. Friends attitude status and quotes are necessary to share on whatsapp status and facebook for best friends.

Yaari Dosti Status And Quotes

There is no rules in friendship and also there is no institute to learn this.

Yaari Dosti Status Quotes
Yaari Dosti Status

Dosti Yaari Attitude Status

God has just taught me that a true friend prays for him before himself.

Yaari Status Marathi

Friendship of friends is not less than khichdi. Even if it is not tasted, it eats away the hunger.

Friendship Attitude Hindi Status

When people make friendships, aphorisms are written and dates are written in enmity.

Dosti Attitude Status in Hindi

Our friendship is like a zero in mathematics. Change the fate of the person you live with.

Yaari Dosti Status in Hindi

Dosti Kisi ki Riyasat Nahi Hoti or Maut Kisi Ki Amanat Nhi Hoti,
Hamari Adalat me Kadam Jara Soch kar Rakhna Yaaro Kyuki Yaha Dosti Todne Waalo ki Jamanat Nahi Hoti.

Dosti Status and Quotes Images
Dosti Status and Quotes Images

2 line dosti status

I can love my whole life on love but I also love love on friendship.

Friends forever status in hindi

The difference lies in our thinking, otherwise friendship is also not less than love.

Dosti Status in English

There is a simple principle of our friendship. Whatever you accept is just your everything.

Dosti Status in Hindi Attitude

I have considered your goddess as God. The world will just remember our love.

Yaari Status Quotes Shayari

Currently, people see only one way to express their friendship and that is to share yaari status and dosti status. Often kamine dost keep applying heart touching status for friends on their whatsapp or facebook status. Sending dosti shayari photos on social media to friends makes their friendship strong.

Yaari Status Quotes Images
Yaari Status Quotes Images

Style in such a way that people keep watching. Make friendship so that people keep on burning.

Royal Dosti Status in Hindi

Friendship brings color if it is good. Everyone loves if friendship is deep. A friendship breaks down if it is innocent. But if friendship is like ourselves, then we make history.

Dosti Status Gujarati

Some friends, friends are less and family members have more news.

Sachhi Dosti Status in Hindi

Friendship is the hallmark of happiness and sorrow. If we ever get angry then don’t take it to heart because friendship is a little silly.

Punjabi Yaari Dosti Status

We are alive in the shadow of your friendship. Because we consider you as a given talisman of God.

Beautiful Dosti Shayari

Friends who care about each other often share beautiful dosti shayari. On the status of these types of people, you get college friends images and dosti quotes. At the same time, you also get to share dosti image shayari and dosti thoughts.

Beautiful Dosti Shayari Images
Beautiful Dosti Shayari Images

May our friendship be so deep that you do the job and we get salary.

Punjabi Dosti Status

Befriend us because it will be difficult to fight. Otherwise, it will write such a history that it will be difficult to read.

Yaari Status for Whatsapp

What a small world I have , one is me and one is my crazy friend.

Yaari Status for Facebook

A friend is a friend of another friend in friendship. It is realized only when one friend is separated from another friend.

Yaari Wale Status

Friends always cheat in fun, but friends are always ahead in difficulty.

Dosti Quotes And Shayari

Dosti quotes and status on Yaari are born in the blood of friends who play true friendship. Often you find images of dosti on their social media profiles. He often shares Dangerous status for WhatsApp to show the strength of their friendship.

Dosti Quotes Images
Dosti Quotes Images

Everyone behaves from time to time. But our love should be such that the times change, but our passion remains.

Punjabi status on yaari

That friendship is never true because of a girl who breaks up.

New Punjabi status on dosti

We can never buy friendship. Friends are bastards who never want to see you.

Dosti Status for Facebook

When we die and play friendship, the world is in awe. Because we live with the roar of a lion.

Attitude friendship status

A true friend also supports when his shadow leaves us and goes away.

Shayari Dosti Thought

Shayari dosti images are an important part of strengthening friendship. Friends sends Sad Dosti SMS to each other when they are angry with each other. This type of dosti status and yaari status and poetry are an important part of the world of friendship.

Shayari Dosti Thought Images
Shayari Dosti Thought Images

Who says that friendship ruins. If played by the heart, the world remembers.

One line dosti status

We have no enmity with anyone because everyone is his best friend.

Dosti Sad Status

We can never have a bad time with you as friends. If you go too, then you cannot stand in front of our friendship.

Funny Dosti Status

Friendship never happens to special people. People who become friends only become special.

Dosti Breakup Status

Friend is the real wealth of man. By the way, all my life has to earn money.

Dosti Images in HD

To show the strength of our friendship, we have brought a collection of dosti status images and shayari dosti images. By sending college friends images and dosti shayari photos to each other, you can show the strength of your friendship.

Dosti Images in HD
Dosti Images in HD

Just as the light of the sun cannot be hidden, no matter how far away the friends are, the friendship cannot be forgotten.


Just as friendship is not a princely state and death is not a bond. In the same way, our friendship is not equal.


People die in friendship but do not give their life number.


There are no rules of friendship. This specialty makes true friends.


Friendship is not a thing to prove, it can be seen on its own.


Real friends do not come out in happiness but in sadness.

Dosti Images in HD
Dosti Images in HD

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