30 Best Status For WhatsApp Quotes With Images

By the way, you will find status for WhatsApp in every category. But today we have brought unique love status and group status for whatsapp. Whatsapp status is very important in today’s online and digital era. People use WhatsApp status feature daily to share Happy Whatsapp status and Best Quotes for Whatsapp DP.

Whatsapp status one word

The status can be of all types, small as well as big. But in this section you will find WhatsApp status in one word. The smaller you use the status for WhatsApp, the more your friends will be able to understand them. So we have compiled WhatsApp Angry Status and I am done quotes.

Whatsapp status one word
Whatsapp status one word

Of course you can change yourself. But nobody can understand the truth about you, except me.

We have changed now. Because now the matter has come up.

Don’t show this much attitude. Because my heart is hotter than your youth.

Time and circumstances change the relationship. We change things when you are mentioned.

Who speaks behind the back, it does not matter. Nobody’s mouth opens in front of me, that’s enough.

Always consider yourself special. Because God does not make anything useless.

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Cute whatsapp status

Girls like to share the most beautiful WhatsApp status. Where boys use WhatsApp Angry Status, the same girls use Dream Status for Whatsapp and WhatsApp Romantic Status. Cute WhatsApp status has been collected for their use.

Cute whatsapp status
Cute whatsapp status

Our biggest feature is that we never get caught in traffic and love.

I thought it would be a spectacle. But I just keep quiet and reverse it.

If I am silent, let me be silent. If you start speaking, many faces will be hated.

What is this tameez? Everyone is asking me to talk to him.

Cute, I am from childhood. Earlier the aunts used to think and now their sons.

No big deal if you are not with me. I cry for you, not so much for you.

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Happy whatsapp status

If you get success in any task then your happiness is doubled. At that time you can use Happy WhatsApp status to express your happiness. Similarly, Happiness Status for WhatsApp and Dream Status for WhatsApp can come in handy.

Happy whatsapp status
Happy whatsapp status

Change yourself so much that people yearn to see like before.

Listen to one thing We are not decent. Our habits are decent.

Our style and attitude are different. If you compete, you will be sold.

What fun to boast about the father’s wealth. The fun is when the wealth is yours and the father is proud.

Never underestimate the dark color. Because people like tea more than milk.

Always be silent in the place where the despised people sing their virtues.

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Beautiful status for whatsapp

One way to express beauty is beautiful status for whatsapp. If you like someone and you want to compliment its beauty then you can use these quotes. You can admire the beauty of the night through Good Night Whatsapp status.

Beautiful status for whatsapp
Beautiful status for whatsapp

We have a strange habit and amazing nature. Love or hate we do with full devotion.

Change yourself as much as you could. Now anyone who complains should change his course.

People who are one in a million. I am the one.

Those who hold the crown of vanity on their head. Remembering one thing, we also find their father.

The rope of your strut will burn. Because there is fire in my grip.

There is a fire in our attitude so we have a stain on our character. We are the father of enemies and that is why we have our way in the world.

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Whatsapp funny status

Laughing jokes give you a feeling of joy in your life. So why not share some happiness on WhatsApp through Wish Happy Whatsapp Status. If someone is angry with you, then you can tell him a funny WhatsApp status. Whatsapp funny status is used by many people for laughter joke. These best quotes for whatsapp dp keep you active on whatsapp.

Whatsapp funny status
Whatsapp funny status

The fun of married life is different. Whether to eat or not, but you get plenty of listening.

Connect the pain with the Aadhar card, sir. Once found, do not get them again.

Beautiful girls never get full stop because they know that some donkey will be becoming a doctor or engineer for them.

I would have made you a permanent password but your symptoms are otp.

Tiktok lover considers himself a Bollywood star and PabG lover himself is an Army soldier.

No need to give cleaning to everyone. Because you are human, not detergent.

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Final words :

Hope you like our collection of Best Status for WhatsApp. In this, we have collected all the statuses to be shared on WhatsApp. Such as cute whatsapp status, happy whatsapp status, whatsapp funny status etc.

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