30 Best Love Romantic Status And Quotes With Images

Romantic status is used by lovers. Lovers use surprise quotes and hot status to express their love. People who are madly in love with each other use romantic status as an expression of their love. For them, romantic status and surprise quotes act like a Sanjeevani booti.

Whatsapp Love Status And Romantic Status

Whatsapp Love Status And Romantic Status
Romantic Status

When people study in love with each other, they first start chatting on WhatsApp. WhatsApp love status and first love status are sent on WhatsApp itself. For him, this article has a collection of very good Happy Whatsapp status.

Restlessness of the mind and silence of words can only be identified by the lover.

How to tell someone your helplessness. Only one wanted you and now we are far away from you.

What can we tell you, what are you in our eyes? Only God is afraid or else it is said that God is there.

I do not know what kind of love we are doing. We are loving someone who cannot be.

Swabhiman says leave him. But the heart says that he is your everything.

We do not need to paint with market colors. The face turns pink as soon as you remember it.

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Romantic Love Status

Lovers narrate romantic love status to each other to express their love. Crazy love status and cute shayari act as a medium for them. Lovers use surprise quotes and first love status when they surprise each other.

Romantic Love Status
Romantic Love Status

How strange is love too. No matter how much trouble he gives, he is comforted.

Whoever is intoxicated is fatal. This was believed when you got addicted.

Life did not start with you. But this is the desire that it should be with you in the letter.

We were also unaware of the name of love. Just you met and wish made you mad.

Often even in anger I smile when I hear your name. If there is so much love with your name, then how much will you think.

People nowadays ask the secret of my happiness. If you are allowed, I should tell your name.

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Romantic WhatsApp Status

As we said WhatsApp is a better means of communication. Romantic WhatsApp status is the perfect way to express your love on WhatsApp. People keep putting their home love feelings status on WhatsApp.

Romantic WhatsApp Status
Romantic WhatsApp Status

We cannot say how much we love you, just knows that we cannot live without you.

Relationships are like trees. Will give them as much love as they can in their old age.

When you are near, the heart wants the time to stop.

Do not ask the reason for my waking up. It is like a moon that does not let me sleep.

First you drive yourself crazy and then you say that you are crazy.

A true relationship is like a book. No matter how old it is, but the words do not change.

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Cute WhatsApp Status

Husband wife love status and love you babu status are also included in the category of romantic status. Mad people in love love sending romantic status to each other and this article will act as a treasure for them. It has a large compilation of romantic and love status.

Cute WhatsApp Status
Cute WhatsApp Status

You stay with me at every turn of your life. Even if stay away from me, but stay close to heart.

It is better to remain mindless to maintain some relationships.

The biggest tragedy of my life is that you are my only love and from above your tantrums are too much.

I had asked God for happiness. And see you have met me.

Love never ends. It keeps growing. Either as a pain or as a relief.

A sea of ​​feelings comes to the heart when your reply comes within 1 minute.

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True Love Status

True love is not in everyone’s luck. He who has true love does not know its value. For those who do not get true love, it is a pleasure to share True Love status and Hate WhatsApp status on social media. For him, the importance of romantic status may be slightly less, but it is also important.

True Love Status
True Love Status

Love is always one sided. If it is from both sides, it is called luck.

Even if you have not heard our heartbeat but we have felt your breath.

Our love has become like fog. We don’t see anything except you.

Luck must have thought about you and me. Otherwise, you would not be in love in such a big world.

In the dark of night everyone remembers someone. But the one who remembers when he starts sleeping is called love.

Your memories are enough for my smile.

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Final words :

In this article we have compiled Love and Romantic Status. Hope you like our WhatsApp Love Status and Romantic WhatsApp Status and Quotes. Through these romantic states and thoughts, we want to provide an ease for lovers. You can easily express your love through these.

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