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how to do Digistore24 affiliate marketing for beginners

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How To promote Digistore24 Products in 2023 and Make Money Online

its time to Make money with Digistore24 as its an easy  user-friendly platform for promoting digital goods online.

What Is It Digistore24 affiliate:
Digistore24 website is regarded as a global affiliate network and all-in-one digital sales platform.

It  is an online sales platform that provides an integrated online store and affiliate network for more experienced marketers.

you can sell digital goods  such as eBook writers, plugin creators, video seminar presenters, and other people have learned about DigiStore24 and are using it to sell their goods.

With over 11,000 products, 6000 vendors, and more than30,000 active affiliates, it is a sizable marketplace.

As a result, a variety of intriguing digital products are available.How do I become an affiliate with Digistore24?

What can I sell on Digistore24?

You can sell your software, e-books, and other digital items. You may use this platform to sell your own items as a vendor or to promote the goods of others as an affiliate.

You can  join the thousands of affiliates who are working hard to earn money on the Digistore24 affiliate marketing network, if you take advantage of this opportunity.

Now is the best time to profit from this affiliate network, both actively and passively. Considering how easy it is for people from the majority of the world to join them, that is.

How much does Digistore cost?

Digistore24’s typical margin is 7.9% plus £1. With the exception of two unique circumstances, all items at Digistore24 have the same standard margin. This implies that for each purchase, your account will be debited for 7.9% of your revenue plus $1. You get access to all of Digistore24’s features and capabilities in return.

What can I sell immediately?

As an affiliate, you can find many physical and digital products on the well-known online marketplace known as Digistore24 that you can use to make good money.

Discover exactly how Digistore24 works in this blog post, and take advantage of it

digistore24 real or fake?

It is a real website.

Is Clickbank or Digistore24 better?

When it comes to product diversity and various categories, Clickbank beats Digistore24 hands down. It provides a greater opportunity to make money and have more consumers than Digistore24, which has fewer items.

Using  this method, Digistore24 has earned the confidence of  consumers, goods vendors, and payment service providers. As a result, they are able to offer you flexible payment structures and all available payment options.

How does digistore24 actually work?
Digistore24 works just like any other conventional affiliate marketing network. By including an affiliate link in the material you provide, you can market a product as an affiliate.

These affiliate links will direct website or social media channel users to the product’s Digistore24 sales page.
You will be paid a commission as an affiliate for facilitating the transaction if they decide to buy the item. The commission is between 20 and 50% or more. Everything depends on the product because some products on the marketplace pay up to 75% commission.

Before you can start promoting any of their items, you must first sign up as an affiliate with the site. In most cases, you’ll be given the go-ahead to begin promoting their goods right away.


Yes, with the help of this affiliate network, you can make a living that will change your life. It is a German business. With them, you receive respectable credits and a fantastic yield on the time and money you spend promoting their goods.

50 €

If you do not make any additional revenue, you will get your next reward on the 7th of the following month, since the minimum payout is just 50 € at that time. Account > Payout account allows you to adjust your payment patterns and raise the payout threshold.

Do  digistore24 pay per click? 

No they do not pay clicks . you get commissions for sales fulfilled

you will always be paid the approved commission if a visitor clicks on the promolink you’ve placed on your website and then purchases a product on the sales page within 180 days.


Vendors: A vendor is a person who registers with the platform in order to sell their goods. As a seller on Digistore24, you can earn money by making your products available for affiliate marketers to market in exchange for a cut of the sale.

Vendors are charged a fee by Digistore24 for using their platform to sell their goods. A few vendors also work as affiliates for other goods. As a result, they have two methods to profit from the network.

Affiliate: People that sign up with Digistore24 as affiliates do so with the intention of promoting affiliate products to their customers. You can advertise the products as an affiliate on blogs, YouTube, social media sites, email, and other platforms for a fee.


As at the time of writing, Digistore24’s Marketplace has 1712 products available. Which ones are best for your blog, affiliate website, email list, or newsletter must be chosen with care.

Use the thematic categories or the search mask on Digistore24’s marketplace. There are digital goods, experiences, lectures, and services available.

You should consider the commission, conversion rate, and cancellation if you discover a product that is attractive and worthy of promotion. If the products you promote have a high conversion rate and minimal cancellations, you can make a living with Digistore24.

If there are any cancellations, your high commission will be meaningless.


digistore24 review

despite the reviews of this website. There are many others that we can compare with it.
competing Alternatives to Digistore24 include ClickBank, JVZoo, Impact, ShareAsale, and others. This affiliate marketing platform’s marketplace offers a wide variety of digital goods.

What about getresponse digistore24?

Yes you can integrate getresponse with digistore24

How do I change from vendor to affiliate Digistore24?

Can I do digistore24 clickfunnels?

Of course you can. Just ensure that you know how clickfunnels work .


Register with the site as a merchant or affiliate in order to begin earning money with Digistore24.

The application procedure is fairly easy. All you need to do is go to the Digistore24 website and select “Register Now.”

During your registration, enter your address and personal information. No precise details regarding your website or advertising space are required.

Additionally, you don’t have to wait for the activation process to be finished before starting. Because of this, I consider them to be among the easiest to join and start earning with.

Advantages of Digistore24 Product affiliate
You can quickly and easily select a product to promote at Digistore24. Most of the time, you’ll get a promotion link right away and can start pushing the product.

That contrasts with other affiliate marketing networks where you must request permission from the vendor before promoting any products. Therefore, you can start using Digistore24 right away.

The simplicity of Digistore24 is another benefit. All of your partner’s efforts may be gathered in one location so they can be managed and evaluated centrally.

In addition, they established the Digistore24 Academy to give users like you who are new to the system and those who are unsure of how to earn well as affiliates the chance to enroll in the academy and learn the ins and outs of how to quickly make money.

The best way to promote Digistore24 affiliate products

Step One: Choose a Niche

Choosing a niche is the first step in developing a successful company with Digistore24 as an affiliate. Choose a hot topic.

It could be a topic or something that truly interests you.
It can also be an area where you excel or have more talent.

A hot selling niche is vital.

Actually, if you try to appeal to everyone, your marketing strategy and content won’t resonate with anyone.

Knowing your prospective customers’ wants and struggles will also help you choose the right products to market.

When we continue with our tutorial, you will comprehend why it is crucial to select a niche or a subject or area that you are knowledgeable about or passionate about.

Step 2: Choose a hot selling Product to Promote

Most newbies think that picking any product with a higher commission rate will be sufficient to develop an affiliate marketing business. It’s crucial to pick the correct product to advertise on D24.

if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing with Digistore24 or any other affiliate network: Pick a quality product that your target market or clients will value.
Pick a product that has a self-selling, high-conversion sales page.
No matter how effective your marketing is, if you send them to a sales page that doesn’t convert, you won’t get very far.

Go to the Digistore24 market after logging into your account.

Below is a page that looks like this:


Digistore24’s methods for managing money: products
When choosing a product to market to your audience, if you followed the steps in the step before, you should pick a category that is linked to your niche.

I work in the MMO (make money online) sector. I then chose the category for online marketing and e-commerce.

Additionally, I appreciate that D24 categorises products based on sale rank, including overall rank and rank depending on category.

Look at the illustration below.

This product is ranked #3 overall and #1 in the Internet marketing & e-business category.

Products from the Digistore24 marketplace

How do I choose the ideal Digistore24 product to advertise?

The following are the criteria we use to determine which products to promote:

A product with an effective sales page, a product with a minimum commission of 40%, a product with a high conversion rate (look at the cart conversion rate), a product with a low cancellation rate,
products with favorable ratings and reviews,
Starting offer at a low price with optional upsells
If the commission is recurring or not, that is another thing to check for.

I prefer a product with recurring commissions over others.

Thankfully, the D24 filter feature allows you to know that (take a look at the image above in the billing type).

Start promoting your offers.
Choosing the right product and profitable niche is half the battle in building a successful affiliate marketing business.

In actuality, traffic is what keeps your affiliate marketing business alive.

You won’t gain traffic if you don’t advertise your offer. You won’t receive leads or sales if no one clicks on your affiliate link or visits it. so you won’t receive a commission either.

However, bringing in the traffic where the hurdle is. Particularly in terms of bringing targeted traffic rather than untargeted, unqualified traffic that will not convert.

Whether you believe me or not, you won’t get sales or success by just copying and pasting your affiliate link on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


What is the most effective approach to marketing your affiliate offer in 2021 in order to profit from affiliate marketing?

You have two options for attracting customers to your offer:

Free traffic: As the name implies, this strategy uses free traffic to advertise your offer. Therefore, there is no cost associated with driving traffic to your offer. You can do this for free to learn how to use Digistore to make money.

However, bear in mind that, depending on the marketing plan you choose for your affiliate marketing business, results take time to materialize.

As the name implies, bought traffic is a means to advertise your affiliate offer via paid traffic by placing paid advertisements on Facebook, Google, Bing, or Youtube. Alternately, you can purchase solo advertisements through a network like Udimi.

This promotion method, as opposed to the previous one, is the quickest way to start producing leads and sales.

However, you need a sizable advertising budget to execute ad campaigns and attract customers to your product.

This advertising strategy is the easiest way to begin learning how to become a successful affiliate on Digistore24, if you have the funds to do so.

In this post, I’ll show you how to create a sustainable and lucrative affiliate marketing business using free traffic sources.

not by spamming your friends or copying and pasting your link everywhere on social media, but by attracting and serving your ideal client.

I’m talking about email marketing combined with blogging (the acquisition stage) and content marketing (the nurturing stage).


  1. Start a blog or website for affiliate marketing to draw more readers (the lead acquisition process).

You can get free traffic from, blogging, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others, to promote your Digistore24 affiliate link.

But out of all of the traffic sources and marketing techniques in use, blogging stands out as the most effective method of creating long-term revenue.

In fact, by optimizing your blog entries for search engines, you may use content marketing to draw in your desired audience using a blog.

Thus, you can:

Drive organic visitors (free traffic) to your website, grab their attention, raise your brand’s credibility, and subsequently increase your business’s lead and sales generation.
The best thing is that the start-up costs are not too high. You can launch your blog and get it up and running with a provider like Bluehost for less than $100 for the entire year.

The most common error made by new bloggers is to launch their sites using free platforms like Blogger, WordPress.com, Wix, etc. Sincerely, a free blog won’t enable you to profit from affiliate marketing.

See this step-by-step tutorial on how to build a profitable website in 2023.

  1. To provide your audience more value, use email marketing (the lead nurturing stage).
    It’s time to start developing a mailing list once your website begins to receive visitors.

Sending visitors directly to their merchant’s sale page is a common error people make.

Try to obtain their email address rather than bringing traffic to a sale page just once and then losing the potential to see those visitors again!

In this way, if they decide not to buy, you may follow up with them, remind them of your offer, and make an effort to persuade them.

So here are the prerequisites for beginning with affiliate marketing:

A landing page (needed if you don’t have a site), a pop-up, or a squeeze page can all be used as an opt-in or capture page. You will use that to get email addresses from visitors.

Lead magnet: You must employ a lead magnet on your opt-in page to improve conversion rates. It could be a discount, a gift card, an eBook, a mini-course, etc. If you do that, they’ll be persuaded to give you their email address in exchange for your free offer.

Even if you don’t have the time to develop your own eBook, you can still use a lead magnet to get visitors to your opt-in page by purchasing it from a PLR website.

I recommend systeme.io as it has a free and affordable email list plan

Therefore, you must first be familiar with Digistore24’s full sales process in order to understand how to profit from it.

Ok! Let’s examine the top earners’ most successful and efficient tactics on the website they rely on to generate a lot of income.

The following are the top three ways to promote affiliate products for Digistore24:
The procedure is further explained in the diagram below.

Step 1: From the content you created, various people can view your affiliate link at the beginning of the procedure. They can view this information on your website, blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, email list, YouTube, and other sites with high traffic.

Thus, your content must be valuable and of high quality.
Step 2: The second step is to create a straightforward, unobtrusive landing page. You send visitors to the landing page you made. Getting their email addresses is the objective at this point.

If they don’t buy on the first day, you can send emails to them using the email addresses you receive. It can also be used to retarget customers or remind them about the current offer and upcoming promotions.

This tactic is really effective. This is due to the fact that some of the leads who give you their email addresses will wind up purchasing any affiliate products you advertise. You are no longer able to control what happens at this point.

Step 3: Visitors who enter their email address on the landing page you prepared previously will be redirected to this sales page. The sales page will complete the remaining tasks. Reputable copywriters frequently create the sales page.

This stage marks the conclusion of the Digistore24 sales process. The Digistore24 order form will be displayed when a customer chooses to purchase an affiliate product (in our example, enrolling in their academy). Here, he can enter his personal information and select a payment option if he wants to enrol in the academy or purchase any other item.

Keep in mind that you won’t receive an affiliate commission if he doesn’t buy the product.

About 81% of professionals use this standard affiliate marketing sales procedure to generate income on the site. It’s efficient.

But it gets even better still…

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