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WordPress.com vs Hosting your own? where Should I host my own WordPress site?

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Should I build my website with WordPress.org or WordPress Com?

Are you thinking if you can build your website on wordpress.org or wordpress.com? do you plan in 2023 to use WordPress.com vs Hosting your own website? in order to answer this question, we need to consider the uniqueness of each one.

WordPress.com, while convenient, is not the best option to manage WordPress due to its disorganized interface and general lack of security. For it to be particularly helpful for anything other than personal websites, they need to do so many upgrades to it. We have written this post for anyone just starting out with hosting their own website. We have helpful tips and tricks to make your hosting experience as successful as possible.

Should I host my own WordPress site?

Whereas on wordpress.org, it’s not hard to managing WordPress on your own. An intuitive admin dashboard is included with WordPress (especially if you know basic html, css and approximately how a website works). You can watch many YouTube tutorials and in addition there are Several plugins exist that make it simple to manage a complete business without ever having to write any code.

WordPress hosting is available from a number of well-known hosting companies, including EasyWP, namecheap, and Hostinger, for $2 to $10 per month. For businesses looking for faster hosting, there are various premium choices like hostgator, namecheap, Kinsta, and others. You actually have endless possibilities. Decide on a hosting company and go for it. If you are unhappy with your current webhost, you can always switch to another one.

Since you are responsible for upgrades and security instead of leaving it to them, there is a bit more maintenance and risk.

Should I use WordPress.com vs Hosting your own? 

you can do both. i mean use wordpress.com or host it separately

where Should I host my own WordPress site?

Its better to host your own website as you are sure its built to taste. In any event that there is downtime, you can ask your webhosting support to fix it.

Does WordPress.com own my content?

WordPress.com do not own your content but they have so much control of what you do on their platform. This means that you aren’t free and they might decide to shut down any domain.

Is WordPress.Com a good host?

It depends on your hosting needs but we would not want to waste your time. We recommend you get a paid hosting plan. WordPress.com can be used to test.


How to Choose the Right WordPress.com Hosting.

WordPress.com offers a variety of Hosting Services that cater to different needs and requirements. These Hosting Services include:

  1. Standard Hosting: This is the most affordable Hosting Service and allows you to use your WordPress site on a basic platform without any features or extra capabilities.
  2. Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting gives you the ability to host your WordPress site on a remote server, which makes it more scalable and easier to manage.
  3. Custom Plans: If you have specific needs or desires that aren’t covered by the standardHosting or Cloud Hosting services, you can create custom plans that cater to those needs.

How to Use WordPress.com Hosting.

Setting up a WordPress site is easy. All you need to do is create a new website and enter your hosting information. When you’re finished, click on the “Create Site” button and select the type of web hosting that best suits your needs.

Check the Performance of Your Site.

To ensure your site is performing as expected, use various performance tools to measure your site’s speed, Bandwidth, and CPU usage. You can also check for errors and glitches by using online diagnostics tools like Google Chrome or Microsoft Windows’ “ Diagnostics Panel .”

Optimize Your Site for SEO.

Once you have determined that your site meets all necessary requirements, optimize it for search engine optimization (SEO). This involves setting up correct keywords, optimizing images, and making sure any pages are designed in a way that ranks high in search engines.

Set Up and Use Tracking Tools.

When using tracking tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights, make sure to set up accurate tracking data so you can understand how users are spending their time on your site. As well, be sure to enable cookies so that analytics data is collected anonymously and never shared with Thirdly-party organizations.

Use WordPress Security Options.

Never leave your site unprotected, even if you don’t have to. Make sure your site is protected with proper security measures, like installing a password manager and using unique login credentials for each site account. You can also use firewalls and software to protect your system against online threats.

How to Protect Your WordPress.com Site from hackers.

You should use a data security strategy to protect your WordPress.com site from cybercrime. This includes using a secure password, using a trustworthy hosting company, and avoiding data breaches. You can also purchase data breach insurance to cover your site in the event that something nefarious happens to your data.


WordPress.com Hosting can be a great way to create a website for your business. However, try to take some time to set up your site and optimize it for SEO. In addition, use security measures such as using strong passwords and data breach insurance to protect your site from cybercrime. Finally, make sure you use a reputable WordPress.com Hosting Company that has a data security strategy in place. By following these tips, you can ensure that your WordPress.com website is safe and secure from cybercrime.

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