How I Made $500 Every Month from a Brand New Kindle publishing Account

writing short books of 8000 words or less…

All you NEED is a Smart Phone , Laptop  – and a Desire to Succeed

            You Will NEVER Have to Worry About Where your next income will come from and 

                            what you will get for your parents when you have enough money

Inside my new report, you’ll learn…

Dear friend,

The hardest part about making money online is finding a working  method and sticking to it. (And it ALWAYS has been!)


The situation has changed.

As new ecommerce platforms emerge, new business OPPORTUNITIES present themselves.

This is ESPECIALLY true of kindle publishing.

You see, unlike other ecommerce, traditional publishing, KDP doesn’t require a lot of work  in order to get MASSIVE results


  • It’s FREE to start.
  • It’s EASY if you follow my instructions in the video and join our whatsapp.
  • it’s SCALABLE income
  • And you don’t even need to write the books.
  • All that is possible because I do things a little differently than most other “writers.”

Let me explain…

I Got Fired!


Which turned out to be an absolute blessing: Because being fired doesn’t impress future
employers much, so I knew I had to go it alone: something I’d been dreaming of more and more anyway, confined to my office cubicle (which is why I was dismissed, as my heart wasn’t truly in the job any longer).


Fortunately, all those free time suddenly offered me the opportunity to thoroughly explore the industry of working from home and
earning money online.

And I quickly saw the advantages of being an affiliate and getting paid a commission from every sale of a proven, already
high selling product which avoided all the hard work and risks of creating my own product.

I Had to Pay Rent

We all know that it is not easy in the country. My rent was nearing expiry. And I knew whatever I’m doing got to be working else there is going to be a big problem. I took this as a great motivation to try only what works.

When I found kindle publishing, I was absolutely fascinated by it. I could practically SMELL the enormous potential.

So, I DUG IN and tried a lot of ” experiments.”

And that effort paid off…


I uncovered SECRETS that gave me faster, easier, and BETTER results. (For example, one of my little secrets is a FREE app that gathers valuable data for me.)

With Kindle  Ebook,

I also found ways to use THEIR algorithm to MY advantage… WITHOUT “black hat” methods or breaking the platform’s “rules”

Here’s the thing…

I hate to see people struggle to make money online… when it should be EASY.

That’s why I put together a PDF report an easy video course called Kindle Money fill my account!

Inside this super-concise, STEP-BY-STEP guide I explain WHAT you need to do and HOW to do it…so YOU can emulate my approach to earn more money online traffic.

Will My Methods Get Saturated?

I doubt it. Kindle amazon is a ever growing platform. It has many years of growth ahead of it.

That said, I’m not sitting on my hands waiting to find out, either.

I’m grabbing my share NOW.

And you should, too.

(I mean, it’s you can literally start building an empty bank account from today … how can you really go wrong?)

That being said, the question remains:

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I’ve been involved in internet marketing since 2018. I’m always on the lookout for “the next big thing” and EASY ways to profit.

The truth is…

The money I get from kindle publishing is FAR faster & easier than what you would get from something like SEO (which is slow and takes a lot of hard work.)

Plus, you can do it all from your pc or phone. So, you don’t even have to get up off of the couch. 


Of course –for complete transparency — I need to explain that NOT every writer makes this kind of money but I will be honest with you because I’m a coach and have trained many on this.

My Methods Require A bit Of Work…yes. but they can all be outsourced

You see, It’s not how HARD you work… it’s what you know and how SMART you work.

For example, I usually start the day by working on my online business. It only takes me a few hours per day.

After that, I like to spend the rest of the day watching movies or reading books.

And, for lunch, I’ll sometimes grab a rice  & a drink at a joint!


I can do all that because I let Amazon take care of driving traffic FOR ME… while I play.

You see, my approach is FASTER & EASIER than the way most people do it.

How Can You Use start earning with this?

That’s simple.

Fact: No other platform can get you in front of buying prospects — in any niche — in such a short period of time.

Using my methods makes ranking your books like shooting fish in a barrel. (I just don’t see how you can fail.)

Frequently Asked Questions…

You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers. Here we go…

–> Questions: How is it possible to make this money publishing online?

This is possible because, with my approach, we’ll show people content we KNOW people want to buy (Super-hot topics)….

Which brings more kindle sales

Think I’m exaggerating?


And here’s the kicker…

–> Question: I’m a total beginner. Can I use your methods?

That’s a fair question. let’s find out, right now.

1) Do you have an IPhone or Android smart phone and a Laptop?

2. can you write or can you outsource it if you find writers?

if you said YES to both questions, YOU ARE FULLY QUALIFIED to use my approach!

Again… not rocket science.

You don’t need ANY marketing knowledge. In my report, I’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know — using a simple, step-by-step process.

–> Question: Can you promise I’ll get the same kind of results as you are?

No. Of course, not. It wouldn’t be ethical to say that… and it probably wouldn’t be legal, either.

Furthermore, I have no way of knowing whether you’ll actually follow my instructions or not. (For some reason, people always try to cut corners or change the process. DON’T DO THAT!)

That being said, my expectation is that you’ll have excellent results.

I’ve put this information together to help YOU profit online.

So, grab the Kindle  Course while 

Again — Don’t just sit there… TAKE ACTION!