30 Best Heart Touching Status And Lines With Images

Heart touching status is a way of expressing your love through social media. Those who cannot express their love directly, they use heart touching status and heart touching thoughts. In this way, they can indirectly express their love through WhatsApp status and Facebook. Also, it is convenient to send heart touching status to your partner.

Heart touching status

Whatsapp heart touching status is very much used. Chatting with your partner on WhatsApp and Facebook, sending heart touching messages and heart touching SMS lightens your heart. Often people shy away from expressing their love but heart touching status provides ease for them.

Heart touching status
Heart touching status

I miss you a lot Pray that my memory may go away.

Those we want with heart and life. They are often destined for someone else.

He too wanted me a lot. Then he too got filled up.

Those who have good heart have bad luck.

He made me cry and said now smile. I also laughed because now the question was not of laughter but of his happiness.

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Heart touching shayari

Shayari is very much dominated in India. Heart touching shayari is very important for people who are madly in love. They often send heart touching shayari and heart beat status to their partner. At the same time, they also send sad love hurt shayari when sad.

Heart touching shayari
Heart touching shayari

When love is made, what is love? Sometimes there is happiness and sometimes there is sorrow. And separation is a punishment.

How much that person became yours. He died thinking of how to live without you.

Someone is filling all the gaps. That’s why you don’t remember me.

Time can take its turn at any time. Because it was so old, but learned a lot of lessons.

If the wound is found without fault, then it hurts a lot.

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Heart touching lines

There are some words and lines that touch your heart. Keeping these heart touching lines for your partner and sending them can take your love to a different place. This type of heart touch line is going to be found in this article. Heart touching lines images will also be helpful for you as well.

Heart touching lines
Heart touching lines

Even today has passed unnecessarily. Neither you got free time nor did I think.

The meaning of love in life can be understood by someone whose love has remained incomplete.

If your smile returns from the distance. So you have every right to stay away from us.

Once you get free time, sit and think. That you are mine too. It is only you who belongs to us.

The wounds never last. But it is not true that they do not hurt.

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Heart touching images

Along with the status and quotes, you will find heart touching images in this article. Heart touching is expressed by DP for FB and heart touching thought in images. You can also express your love through these infographics.

Heart touching images
Heart touching images

People lie that they came empty handed and will go empty handed. Don’t know how many untold things people will take with them.

I think I should apologize. I have hurt myself a lot.

Sometimes a person neither breaks nor does it. He loses.

When he passed by me, it came to know that life passes like this.

Let’s pretend today. You ask how are you and we say everything is fine.

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Broken heart status

Broken heart status is required for anyone if they break up. Sad love hurt shayari and eyes status for whatsapp is necessary for him at this time. When your heart breaks, tears start coming from your eyes. At that time WhatsApp status on eyes becomes necessary.

If you do not like my company, then tell me the phone breaks will go so far that you will not be able to feel me.

It is useless to praise oneself. The fragrance automatically tells which flower it is.

Now the appearance of someone else does not settle in these eyes. I wish we had not seen you so carefully.

We did a lot of fault But the punishment was found where we were innocent.

Last night I write all my sorrows on the wall of the room. Then we slept and the walls wept all night.

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Sad hurt status

If your partner leaves you, then there is a lot of heartache and they are expressed through sad hurt status. Hurt Shayari adds importance to the separation of the partner. At this time you can also send heart touching SMS and heart touching status to your partner.

Sad hurt status
Sad hurt status

He cut my heart into thousands of pieces, and then I cried myself after seeing my name on every piece.

Remember one thing that you will find many like me in the world. But I am not going to meet again.

We thought that we would tell you all my pain. But you did not even ask why you are silent.

I wish there was someone in my life who would give me a hug. Do not cry, your pain hurts me.

If a person is not happy to be near you. So get away from it. Perhaps this will make him happy.

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Final words :

Hope you like our collection of heart touching status. Along with heart touching status, we have included heart touching shayari , heart touching lines , heart touching images and broken heart status in this article. We have also included sad hurt status in this article in case of partner leaving or breakup.

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