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If something big is found in life, then the small thing should never be spoken. Swords never work where needle work is done. good morning

You always challenge yourself to know yourself better. good morning

Every sunset reduces to one day of our life. But every morning gives us a chance to make life better. good morning

If you have the courage to start then your victory is certain. good morning

You cannot believe anyone unless you believe in yourself. good morning

Make yourself so strong that no one else can take you away from the goal. good morning

If you are sad to see the suffering of others, then the humanity inside you is still alive. good morning

If anyone expects you, then they live up to their expectations. Because hope is also kept from the one who is closest to the heart. good morning

What is the need of waiting for someone to smile because you are the architect of your life. Every morning beat the odds and keep smiling all day. good morning

People say that you try and we are with you. But if people were with us then there is no need to struggle. good morning

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