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Chetan Bhagat quotes we get from his books and novels. Chetan Bhagat is an Indian novelist whose romantic love books are very popular. From these books we get Chetan Bhagat Quotes on Life and Chetan Bhagat Motivational Quotes. His main books are 2 States, Three Mistakes of My Life, One Indian Girl, Half Girlfriend and Call Center.

Chetan Bhagat Quotes on Love

Chetan Bhagat writes books full of love and romance. From his books we get Chetan Bhagat quotes on love and Chetan Bhagat love quotes. At the same time, their thoughts and status are also obtained. Many Bollywood movies have also been made on his books.

Chetan Bhagat Quotes on Love
Chetan Bhagat Quotes on Love

When you start liking people, you start liking everything about them.

An army of intelligent men cannot solve a puzzle created by an indefatigable woman.

The world is full of good people if you can’t find one.

You can run and hide. But you can’t escape my love.

Sometimes if you just understand everyone’s logic then you become a good boy.

How can such scary-looking parents make so cute.

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2 states quotes of chetan bhagat

There is a famous book by Chetan Bhagat called 2 States. From this book we get two states quotes and Chetan Bhagat quotes from 2 states. We also get Chetan Bhagat funny quotes from this book. This book of Chetan Bhagat has become very popular, due to which some famous quotations and thoughts are shared among the people.

2 states quotes of chetan bhagat
2 states quotes of chetan bhagat

Both the world’s most sensitive person and the biggest idiot stand with us. But the biggest problem is that you cannot tell who is who.

Beautiful girls behave best when you ignore them.

The most blissful emotion to watch is jealousy.

The combination of the two words Future and Female is very dangerous.

When a female comes into your life, things automatically get organized.

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One Indian Girl Quotes

You only need the light when it is burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow.

If it is too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

Some problems in the world seem to exist solely for women. Like not having anything to wear.

This is how we girls are. At times we want to be wanted, even when we deny it.

I guess that is why most people drink anyway. To shut up their inner critic. So they can do whatever the hell they want.

Half Girlfriend Quotes Images

Don’t quit. It will happen one day.

Sometimes it is hard to explain why you find a person beautiful.

Tiny bumps in time shape our lives, even though we spend hours trying to make long-term plans.

Girlfriends come and go but, thank God, mothers don’t break up with you.

Girls never tell you anything straight out anyway. You have to interpolate and extrapolate their responses to figure out what’s on their mind.

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3 Mistakes of My Life Quotes

3 Mistakes of My Life Quotes
3 Mistakes of My Life Quotes

Admiration passes, love endures.

I am a businessman. To me, people only do things out of self-interest.

People argued less on a full stomach.

I think the brain has a special box where it keeps crappy memories. It stays shut, but everytime a new entry has to be added, it opens and you can look at what is inside.

Kids are among the most bored people in temples.

One Night at the Call Center Quotes

There are four things a person needs for success: a medium amount of intelligence, a bit of imagination, self-confidence and failure.

Suitable guys are an endangered species.

All non-hot girls are jealous of the hot ones.

Big emotions do not come from big words.

Older people think they have a natural right to judge you.

Chetan Bhagat Quotes on Relationship

Chetan Bhagat writes in his book on occasions related to his life. Whenever there are special events in his life, he writes a book on it. He writes a book on his relationship, so from his books we get Chetan Bhagat quotes on relationships. Simultaneously we have also brought Chetan Bhagat quotes in Hindi.

Chetan Bhagat Quotes on Relationship
Chetan Bhagat Quotes on Relationship

Government employees are among the lowest risk takers on earth.

There are things that some people can never understand. There is no point in telling them.

A wise person can be foolish in love.

A bad boss is like a disease of the soul.

Do not be serious. Be honest.

I think it is better to say no to people than to say something bad.

A beautiful girl is always right.

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Chetan Bhagat Thoughts

Chetan Bhagat is a writer writing romantic and love books. His books give us ideas of people’s love affair and relationship. We get Chetan Bhagat thoughts from his books. Simultaneously we have brought Chetan Bhagat quotes from his books. Quotes by Chetan Bhagat are not written separately, but some of the sentences in his books are found to be special.

Chetan Bhagat Thoughts
Chetan Bhagat Thoughts

When you fly me stones are thrown at you. Do not look down at the moment. Just keep flying so that the stone does not reach you.

The loser may not have a brain but must have a heart.

Life is difficult when you are talking to smart people.

Things will never change much and will not change fast either.

The test of the character of any nation is how majority citizens treat minorities.

Life will never give you the same chance twice.

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Final words :

From Chetan Bhagat’s books, we have brought Chetan Bhagat quotes for you. Hopefully you will like these quotes extracted from his books. From his main books like Two States, One Indian Girl, Half Girlfriend, Three Mistakes of My Life, Call Center we have brought the best quotes for you.

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