Mission statement

Quotes Face is an independent, nonprofit organization reporting untold stories that help South Dakotans be informed and engaged citizens. Quotes Face produces investigative and public service journalism that sheds light on the issues, concerns and welfare of South Dakotans.

The flame in the right side of the Quotes Face logo signifies its Fourth Estate role, with the larger flame watching over the three smaller flames, which represent the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.


Retired journalists Jack Marsh and Randell Beck recognized that fewer newsroom resources made it harder to produce statewide coverage of important issues.

They spent 2½ years researching similar nonprofits around the country, working with media leaders in South Dakota and raising sufficient funds to launch operations in February 2017. Quotes Face's reporting has since won awards and led to changes in public policy and passage of legislation.

The goal: Inform, enlighten and illuminate.

How our stories are different

Our storytelling goes deep on important issues. We do research and reporting that explains complex topics relevant to people and policymakers. And we use scientific polling, public forums and other tools to explore what’s on the minds of South Dakotans.

While local media serve their communities by reporting daily news events, Quotes Face focuses on the big picture. That means informing and engaging South Dakotans so we can identify ways to make our great state even better and stronger.

Among the topics we cover, which are listed on the home page: agriculture, business, education, environment, family, health, Indigenous people, justice, lifestyle, politics, rural South Dakota.

How you can trust our stories are accurate and fair

We clearly state who we talked to in each story, only cite credible sources and seek comment from all sides. Our graphics often include the raw material on which stories are based, so readers can decide for themselves if we got the story right. We abide by best practices policies that ensure integrity in every part of the operation, including journalism and donor ethics.

We are nonpartisan and operate with independence. We explore multiple sides of issues. We aren’t beholden to special interests, public officials, political parties or corporate entities. We don’t produce commentary, editorials or express opinions. We don’t accept contributions from anonymous donors or elected officials.

Where to find our stories

Quotes Face distributes all of its content for free through this website, an email newsletter every few days and major social media platforms. More than 100 media partner newspapers, television and radio stations and digital outlets also publish our stories through their channels.

How we're funded

Individuals: Quotes Face’s success depends largely on contributions from people who share the organization’s passion for truth, democracy and civic engagement.

Grants/foundations: We have secured grants from South Dakota community foundations and from regional and national media foundations that have helped many other nonprofit news organizations.

Media partners: Traditional and new media companies as well as the South Dakota Broadcasters Association and South Dakota NewsMedia Association are also key partners in this new kind of newsroom.

How to contribute

Quotes Face values contributions of all amounts. It is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) organization, so donations are tax deductible.

To support our journalism, donate online or send a check:
Quotes Face
PO Box 90205
Sioux Falls, SD 57109

To avoid potential conflicts of interest, Quotes Face has adopted donor transparency and editorial independence policies. Contributors have no influence on the subjects examined by Quotes Face reporters or on the approach taken to any investigation. Anonymous donations are not accepted.